Saturday, February 18, 2012

The long non-winter

While we have a some flurries, here and there, we cannot say we are suffering a hard winter.  In fact, most people I know are wishing for a good snow storm.  After all, it's the proper cycle of things.

 The Chemung is too cold for the RiverDog and Hound.  They avoid it, stopping only to wet their whistle once in a while.  Otherwise, they content themselves with hunting ground critters.

Not so with these two hardy canine souls.  Just as soon as they detected our mutts, they swam the mouth of Hoffman creek and came for a romp.  Ellie and Frankie were leery, with their backs up a bit, but soon were chasing with the best of them.  We let them play a few minutes, then whistled for the return to the car.  Their playmates returned to Foster Island, and we all waved goodbye.

Maybe our next visit will include some snow burrowing...

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