Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It started out so badly.

Got both of the dogs out of the car near the Water Board.  We were going to Foster Island, where Frankie could run off-leash.  It's an Island!

Then Frankie not only did the unthinkable, but also the unimaginable. Literally.  I still can't image how he caught the retractable leash inside the gasket of the rear driver-side backup light.  I could not detach the darned thing, and we couldn't go to the island.

I left it hanging from the backup light, threw the dogs back into the car, and we went down to the Grove Street fishing access site.  A very cold, frosty morning:  the place was ours alone.

Frankie and Ellie went off -leash.  Ran like hell all over the peninsular that juts under the Walnut Street Bridge, leaving me to take pictures of them.

Checking out the muskrat burrows by the feeder creek.

The boat ram area all to ourselves.

Under the Walnut Street Bridge, where Frankie was afraid of the rushing waters.

All told a very satisfactory trip to the Chemung River, with two fairly obediant dogs.


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