Friday, January 20, 2012

Need Sunshine, Dammit!

RiverHag and RiverDog now have new companions.  VeggiGirl will occasionally walk her WaterHound (aka Frankie) with us.  They are living with us, at least temporarily.

It is very difficult to find housing around here.  Northern Pennsylvania now allows Hydro-fracking.  Gas companies are filling up our streets with truckers and our rentals with "roughnecks."  All gas workers make much more than the average Upstater, and the landlords are greedy for their business.  A single woman with pets is considered poor pickings, except in some rather rough neighborhoods.

At least once a day I walk both dogs, but am only able to handle short walks alone.  VeggiGirl will come after work.  Some days, especially when the sun is hiding, she is too tired (or I am) to head down to the Chemung.  The hiking is strenuous in the winter, and WaterHound is not yet fully trained to the whistle.

We are getting there.  Pictures coming again soon.  Promise.

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