Saturday, April 21, 2012

Low and Slow

Friday the "pond" around Foster Island was very low, indeed.  I thought (from a distance) these were ducks, but, alas, no.

 On the River side of the island, my eagle-eyed daughter, VeggiGirl, wondered if she spotted goslings.  Being terribly nearsighted, I swung up my trusty camera and zoomed in for a shot.

Yes, indeed; we have our first gosling sighting of 2012!
 One more zoom gave us a good count of seven.  Lucky seven for April 2012.
A little hard to imagine that within a couple of months, local golfers and gardeners will be cursing these cuties.  I can sympathise; my shoes come home caked in goose-poop every time.  Right now, however, they make me go mushy with adoration.

Rain coming means rapid River.  We may not seen any more babies for another week or so.



  1. Nice meeting you along the river today. Thanks for steering me to your blogs.


    1. Thanks for visiting the site, Don. BTW, the address wont send, so if you see this, please post another comment.