Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Sundays in August on the Chemung River

Down to the Brand Park vicinity of the River August 7th.  Foggy and drizzly: it was perfect weather to spot fish.  Ellie went on point and carefully waded into the river, so I began to snap some shots.  It is possible for a person to wade across the river, but poor Ellie has bitty little legs.

I was sorry I didn't have enough charge in the batteries for a video, but I did manage to get photos.

This big guy did not wait around to be captured, and I'm glad.  He was as big as Ellie.  I did not relish the notion of having to wrestle a huge carp.

Last Sunday the channel separating Jones Island from the Southside bank of the Chemung was completely dry.  The "Island" is on the left, and that is Dunn Stadium in the upper right.

This is Ellie on the shore of "Jones Island" in the dry season.

Ask anyone who regularly visits the Chemung, and they will tell you every day is different on the river.  The outlet of Newtown Creek is in the background.

It isn't often I catch Kingfishers.  I am more likely to see eagles, both young ones, and mated pairs, and even a few ospreys.


  1. I see a river, we don't have river's anymore in TX. We have drought. You two enjoy it for me, then go back and enjoy it some more knowing some don't have their's anymore. I hear carp is not good for eating Ellie!! but I bet it is fun to chase. Have fun girl. Shelly L M