Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday before the Fourth

Can't ever get enough of the Chase-Hibbard Spillover Dam in Downtown Elmira.  It's Sunday before July 4, 2011, and the fishermen surround it, wading out to the shoals.
What is this monster?  Just some driftwood.  Good thing I can't get my car down to this area, because my yard would be full of these interesting river sculptures.

Looks like a mated pair of mergansers, enjoying the lovely waterfall coming over the dam.  Just having a ball.  Don't try this yourself. It's a rotten way to  die;  the water roils over the body and keeps it underwater.  Best avoid the Chemung River as it passes through Elmira.  It's a death trap full of deep, swift running channels and tons of underwater debris.


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