Sunday, July 18, 2010

A new life for the River Hag and the River Dog.

I have seen the best variety of waterfowl in years at the river lately.  My personal favorite are the wood ducks and they are settling in nicely.The strangest thing I've ever seen is this little lady with a rather motley variety of babies.  She seems to have adopted whatever arrived this spring.
Further down-river, the waters are very low.  This flock is actually standing right in the center of the Chemung, just below the Madison Avenue Bridge.
Just Upriver is a lovely urban (for the country) scene.
And directly east a heron rests peacefully in the morning sun.
All waterfowl ignore us these days.  I keep the RiverDog running with a game of fetch in the shallows.
Of course for Ellie, that means a swim.  For larger dogs it is only a bit of a wade.

All visits to the Chemung River will be here now. They will be fewer and shorter, at least until the RiverHag climbs out of this last exacerbation.

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