Saturday, April 6, 2013

Getting there!

Today was Sarah, the RiverHound's first trip to the Grove Street Fishing Access.  She loved it, especially all the new scents.  Didn't seem all that excited about the water;  it was very cold.

Unfortunately, our little doggie is car-unfriendly.  She needs a diaper for any trip and will vomit on longer ones.  I am teaching her to associate the diaper with the Chemung River.  It comes off when she exits the car.

Grove Street is parallel to Walnut, which is to say that the Walnut St. Bridge is part of the whole experience of the Fishing Access.  Very noisy:  Sarah will need to get used to the sounds.

A new feature of the Access is the increased gull population.  Downtown Elmira has proved hostile to the birds, and collects their eggs.  The gulls now prefer to avoid the Main Street Bridge area.

No matter.  There is plenty of river, and Sarah is becoming enured to the screeching, along with the incessant honking by the geese.

It will take some time, but I believe our Hound is Happy with the river front.

Little Pond

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