Wednesday, June 6, 2012

new portage for kayakers and canoeists

Lookie here!
Hey, the Chemung is low enough for bait fishing.  Ooops!  Three days of rain.  Never mind.
On the other hand, the geese don't mind the muddy waters.  Click on the photo to see there are actually six families of babies here.

The ones on land are not crazy about a car full of noisy dogs showing up.

We took advantage of the cloudy, cold weather to visit the new boat portage.  This allows boaters to carry their rides past the Chase-Hibbard dam.  The view is great and the walking is easy.
 This is where a fisherman can walk right down next to the dam and safely fish the water either above or below it.  The white water below it yields some pretty spectacular catches.

Maybe you prefer something a little more rustic.  This downed tree brought soil with it, and is creating a nice peninsular.  You will have to act fast;  the river could swell during a big storm and eliminate the whole thing.
No matter.  All along both banks are tiny niches for anyone willing to look.  Good for fishing, good for shutterbugging, too.

Little Pond

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