Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Both Ellie and I are recovered from our early Spring fevers or flus, or whatever.  We had a perfect weekend to visit the river.  We went out all three days--Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  It doesn't matter that the photos are out of order.  I just want to share.
 I wish I had a truck.  Actually, my SIL has one, but we could never remove this sculpture from the river bank.  I think it's marvelous, even though it is temporary.  There are lots of lovely driftwood sculptures, for every taste.  Like all things in life, they too, must pass.  This will eventually be carried off by a surging storm.  River driftwood has more colors than the ocean variety.  I love it.
The construction of the new Don Hall Portage is evident here.  Ellie apparently misses the point of the railing.
The plentiful rain has made the walkway on the south side of the river very green.  The RiverDog enjoys the hunt for wood chucks.  Here we can see the Walnut Street Bridge.  I am just above average in height, and I must duck down to pass under the bridge. 
Five petals, something from the rose family, I guess.  They are pretty and sweet at this time of year.
 Out behind Pirozollo Park in West Elmira, the water is high and fast.  The RiverDog hunts for roots and fungi.  I don't know what she finds, but they are white, and meaty and come from under the grass.  I can never catch her before she gobbles them up, although she may leave bits for me.  They look like tofu.  She never seems to suffer ill effects, so I guess it's just some sort of vegetable root
 You know him:  Harry the Heron.  That's the name the kids use.  In another week, this little pond will be the focus of a Civil War Reenactment.  Camp Hellmira was here.  In fact this pond, or gully, or culvert was created specifically for the camp.  In the dampness, it is nasty, smelly and bug-ridden.  Many, many Confederate soldiers died here, while the local people paid to stand above them and watch.  If any place should be haunted, this should, but I have never felt anything eerie here. 

And finally, the prize of the weekend.  My first shot of a local osprey!  They are much smaller than eagles.  This is the first one I have seen perched above the water.  They usually swoop in and dive straight down.  When they surface, they carry the fish right out into the hills, never eating it on the banks.


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