Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Riverdog and Riverhag together again

We had our first outing on  the shore of the Chemung Monday.Both Ellie and I prefer to keep her unfettered.  But the River was swollen from recent rains, so I had to watch her carefully.
What is normally a drainage ditch became an inlet.
And Hoffman creek was swollen almost to the level of the flood plain.

My favorite fallen willow is nearly underwater.

And the water was foaming in the shallows, tricking the eye in the sunlight.  I had to admonish Ellie to avoid fishing.  She was sure something alive (and possibly good to hunt) was roiling the surface.
This lone goose struck me as a sentinel, and he squawked loudly when we approached him under the Walnut Street Bridge.

However, when he took to the water, it was clear that he was simply the odd man out.  He was pushed by the surge to the next bank, where the other geese were gathered.  It was clear from his aggressive approach that he expected a battle on arrival.  Made me feel guilty for inadvertently causing the ruckus.

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