Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day after the flood

The Chemung River itself is pretty well-contained in the Elmira City  area.  In the first place, the source is held behind the Hammond-Tioga Dam, and released in sensible portions.  Here is the spillover dam, where there are no fishermen who dare the waters today.
What with the rain and the snowmelt, there was plenty of flooding downstream.  In Cannon Hole, on the Susquehanna (into which the Chemung flows), farmland and streets were covered.  A friend of mine who lives just downstream from the Hole had water all the way up to her house.  She is grateful it stopped there, although she is insured for the possibility.
In the distance there are two cars that seem to be on the water.  They are actually parked at a fishing site that usually looms some fifteen feet above the water.  You can see the levee to the right, with the power lines.
This is Foster Island, one of Ellie's favorite haunts.  It is not underwater today.  Much of it was yesterday.
And this is Hoffman Creek, which is usually easily forded near the foremost tree in the center.

Not today.

I miss my Ellie, and look forward to spring and more exercise to help heal my sprained back.  Right now I need bed, and then another round of the stretching exercises.


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