Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas in Upstate New York this year means a frozen Chemung River.  At least above the spillover dam.  Here, Ellie takes a stroll between the south bank and Foster Island on the north bank.  I personally wouldn't step out, but my little four-on-the-floor buddy is in no danger whatsoever.

Nevertheless, I call her back after a few seconds.  It makes me too nervous to watch her out there.

My youngest daughter remembers a time when the river froze over completely.  She and her friends began to cross over to the south bank.  VeggiGirl got the creeps about halfway there.  She said it just didn't feel right to cross over the full expanse.

A real chip off the old block.

The most unusual aspect of the frozen river is the complete lack of sound.  River rats know the water always flows, and are attuned to its sound.  No sound is just creepy.

We'll get used to it.

Little Pond

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